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July 28, 2021

Counterspin aims to be a platform for voices, that the mainstream silences.

This week we are joined by a collaborative group of individuals from NZ & the U.S.

At Week's End News analyses the latest Covid narrative with host Kelvyn Alp & co-host Brad Flutey.

This group consists of 4 anonymous Patriots (2 Kiwis, 2 Americans) that met each other back in 2019 as moderators for the Matrixx/Groove Show before it was taken off of Youtube and have been digging together on the truth behind the corruption in America and the rest of the world ever since.

Kiwi and Sue are a husband and wife team of investigative journalists. Kiwi works full time, though he dedicates all his spare time to research, a specialist in deep history and Tesla's work.

Sue is the full-time anonymous writer for At Week's End News and specializes in the Occult.

Both were veteran moderators on the MG Show on youtube.

Kia is the team's flight path specialist and deep researcher on International events, also located in New Zealand. Also works full time but dedicates his free time to exposing the truth and is a well-rounded decoder.

Sparky is the team's America located producer and broadcaster of the show. A long time researcher, Sparky specializes in American conspiracies and has extensive knowledge of the American deep state and is also a seasoned researcher.




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New Zealand Covid Vaccine  Questions

New Zealand Covid Vaccine Questions

July 27, 2021

If it's so good why make it mandatory?

Counterspin Ep 17 - “COVID-19 VACCINE” WARNING

Counterspin Ep 17 - “COVID-19 VACCINE” WARNING

July 25, 2021

In this episode we present "Covid-19 vaccine" evidence that the mainstream media is silencing.

Lawyer & NZ Outdoors Party co-leader, Sue Grey joins host Kelvyn Alp again to talk about the vaccine roll out in NZ.

Supporting video footage is put forward from NZ doctors and global experts.

We touch on the case being taken against the U.S federal by the American Frontline Doctors.

This is an excellent episode for your friends and family who may not know where to start when it comes to covid facts and evidence the mainstream is silencing.


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Counterspin Ep. 16 - ‘HOWL OF A PROTEST’ (Broken Down)

Counterspin Ep. 16 - ‘HOWL OF A PROTEST’ (Broken Down)

July 19, 2021


Kelvyn Alp & co-host Brad Flutey talk to leaders from around country to talk about the historic protest organised by Groundswell that took place around NZ for our farming & agricultural sectors, tradies & support services.

We are joined by -

Jamie McFadden - Groundswell national coordinator

Tania Gibson - Grey District Mayor

Rob Wilson - Agricultural Action Group national coordinator

Sue Grey - NZ Outdoors Party co-leader

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Counterspin Ep. 15 - FALSE FLAGS & AGENDAS

Counterspin Ep. 15 - FALSE FLAGS & AGENDAS

July 17, 2021

Kelvyn Alp talks to Ole Dammegard, renowned researcher, author & speaker of 40 years.

They cover false flags including the ongoing COVID-19 response narrative.

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CopunterSpin - New Zealand MP Runs For Cover After Local Whangarei man Questioned Him Over 60 Vaccine Deaths in Fiji

CopunterSpin - New Zealand MP Runs For Cover After Local Whangarei man Questioned Him Over 60 Vaccine Deaths in Fiji

July 17, 2021


A 'Howl of a Protest,' organised by retired West Canterbury farmer Bryce McKenzie.

The National Party deputy leader and health spokesman Dr Shane Reti supported the event saying the National Party stands behind 6 of the 7 key positions held by Groundswell, and that his party agreed with the farmers' sentiment that "enough is enough."

Dr Reti questioned the government's response to climate change and rather than "killing the golden goose" by culling 13% of the national herd he said they should focus on the emissions trading scheme.

A local Whangarei legend then took the opportunity to ask Dr Reti about COVID-19 medicines ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and the 60 deaths as a result of the Covid mRNA vaccine in Fiji. Dr Reti rejects the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin when a growing number of international physicians have used them for over a year successfully?

Dr Reti replied saying they were not safe and effective nor Medsafe approved and there was no place for ivermectin.

When pressed about doctors in NZ voicing concerns, Dr Reti quickly made a run for it with the comment "they'll be in front of the medical council, is where they are." (referring to New Zealand doctors who were treating patients successfully with the almost 70-year-old, fully approved, medicines).

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NZ Street Preachers - John McGlone & Grant Edwards, 16 July 21

NZ Street Preachers - John McGlone & Grant Edwards, 16 July 21

July 16, 2021

John McGlone:

NZ Street Preachers:

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Conversations in 2021 - Gabriel Rossi (Comedian)
And Neow The News - Read By Phil Meeyn

And Neow The News - Read By Phil Meeyn

July 14, 2021

A sample of unpacked New Zealand news for July 14th, in the year of our Lord, 2021

Are They Planning This Thing?

Are They Planning This Thing?

July 13, 2021
Grant Edwards had his Facebook posting ability taken away from him for 30 days for this wee comment: NEWS FLASH: This information is clear SIGNAL not NOISE. If you don't have the Podbean app get it on playstore and listen 7 minutes in to German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. This is the same German lawyer and his team of investigators who stopped VW cheating on air omissions and other big corporation's fraud. Now they are gathering new evidence that the Covid hoax is in the PCR tests. This hoax was planned more than 10 years ago. According to Reiner, the real accident at the Wuhan Lab turned out to be nothing but these deep/dark people who had been practising for 10 years used Wuhan as a springboard to introduce their international hoax on the world. The plandemic is a hoax using PCR tests.
To make hundreds of billions selling untested vaccines; using the earth's population to test their jabs without fear of prosecution when it all goes wrong.
Get the details here 7 minutes into this podcast, Episode 1,007 – The Ten Year Plandemic … How Globalists Used Wuhan as a Springboard for World Control (w/ Dr. Naomi Wolf, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Drew Hernandez, Hirsh Singh, Philip Rizzo) on Podbean, check it out!
He must be over the target...



July 11, 2021
I was lying in bed this morning looking at the ceiling and thinking. I’ve done that many times before of course but this morning was different. My bedroom ceiling is slightly sloping and made of those Pinex tiles - about 18 inches by 9 inches - and they are laid out with each tile straddling the joint of the next two - just like a brick wall is made. I noticed this one tile that was directly in my line of sight and it looked a bit embarrassed. It was precisely where I would put one of these ceiling TVs when they invent them - so I realised that this tile might know that its days are numbered.
That reminded me of Joe Biden - and at first, I couldn’t figure the connection between him and my ceiling tiles. Then I thought about Jo Biden and Afghanistan inside the same thought - and he has just pulled all those American Troops out of Afghanistan - regardless of all the Americans and others including Australians and New Zealanders - who have died there trying to hold the Taliban back.
The thing about the Taliban - is that they are Radical Islamic - and they never sleep - and they hate the West and they hate all other religions so much that they blew up some very huge and historic Buddhas that had been carved into the side of a cliff.
But then - when we look at a map of that Afghanistan region we see the possibilities. I am going to write this slow so we all understand what I’m getting at.
The Americans, (leaving Afghanistan as I write,) have left behind the vast majority of their military stuff. BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars worth of military installations, communications equipment, and modern airbases and airports and infrastructure and trucks and vehicles and tanks and parts and guns and all kinds of stuff to equip an army all the way down to underwear, uniforms, boots and cafeterias and freezers full of food - not to mention - all the Afghan people who worked for them.
Now - read carefully - Those Afghan people who worked for the Americans will all be forced to show the Taliban how to work all that stuff - and then killed. (Oh yes they will - and so will their families - thanks to Joe Biden and his Leftist American Government and Media.)
So then look at the map -
Afghanistan is like my ceiling.
This is another part where you need to read slow!
Afghanistan is the central tile in that area of out of control and radical Islamic lunatic Nations. There on their Western side is Iran - and Biden has just given them all they need to continue their Nuclear development program - and they will be the eventual leader of what is a radical stronghold of Islamic nations.
Pakistan, (which has a couple of million people in the UK,) is on the Eastern side of Afghanistan and they are crazy and already Nuclear-armed and have supplied Nuclear arms to Saudi Arabia because that’s where the funding for their Nuclear program came from.
Then to the North, there is Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - and a tiny tiny tiny little border region with China. And the thing about that is, that part of China is the Xinjiang Region of China, as big as Afghanistan, where those very favourites of the left come from, the Uighurs - Islamics inside China.
So part of that problem is China now has five nuclear-armed Nations on its borders - Russia - of course - on their side - India - nominally on the side of the West - Pakistan - radical Islamic - Iran - radical Islamic - and North Korea - a radical lunatic that China could take out at the drop of a hat for practice and no western nation would make a murmur and Russia would just smile.
So here’s a message for all you people who vote Left. If you think that this is a smart tactic on Biden’s part - to weaken China by strengthening the whole of Radical nuclear-armed Islam on the planet - think again. I watch this stuff all the time - I have been watching the development of this for sixty years - and what we are looking at here is a radical shift in the balance of power on the planet.
This is a big deal!
The devious American Left has done this.
We will now move from a peaceful China that wants to work and trade and make its people successful and comfortable with an essentially Western Lifestyle and emulating the West - to a nation threatened by a Nuclear-armed radical Islamic block on its Western borders - with no American buffer!
What is it we do not get about this?
China is the hardest working - best educated, (Look at our colleges and universities all over the West to see that,) and it is at the moment the smartest and most cohesive nation on the planet - and it has the biggest population of educated and hard-working people anywhere. They have lifted 400,000,000 people out of poverty and into the middle class in 40 years and are still going gangbusters.
Underestimating them is as dumb as dirt.
So clever Joe Biden - (someone must have woke him up and suggested this,) has just created a situation where the most powerful enemies of the future will be more identifiable - Islam and China - and China will now have no choice but to move from being a serious Military Power - to the GLOBAL SUPERPOWER - facing a very identifiable enemy - and Joseph Biden and the American Left just handed them the excuse they need ON A PLATE.
Hmmmmmm - See what we can do with a simple ceiling tile.
Denis Hall writes for: Silent Majority Team New Zealand
Denis Hall Facebook:
Is New Zealand on the Brink of Civil War?

Is New Zealand on the Brink of Civil War?

July 11, 2021

Denis Hall discusses with Grant Edwards:

The Maori Musket Wars 1807 - 1837 - Maori's embarrassing little secret

The Waitangi Treaty - Wanted by Maori to stop the Maori genocide

The Maori Economy - where has all the $$$ gone?

The Chinese Communist Link

Denis Hall on Facebook:

Silent Majority Team New Zealand


Maori Economy


The Chinese (youth) Red Guard


Bruce Moon


Kiwi Codger


















NZ to hunt down those who are not vaccinated

NZ to hunt down those who are not vaccinated

July 10, 2021

Denis Hall, Liz Lambert join Grant Edwards for a virtual cuppa to discuss New Zealand current affairs and more - July 10, 2021

New Zealand to hunt down those who are not vaccinated; The Maori Economy; Treaty Settlements; The Maori Musket Wars 1807 - 1837 and more.....


Counterspin Ep. 14, Part 1 - 4th of July Election Rigging Special

Counterspin Ep. 14, Part 1 - 4th of July Election Rigging Special

July 10, 2021

Kelvyn Alp & co-host Damien De Ment are joined by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, an award-winning inventor & successful entrepreneur, to discuss the U.S & NZ election & the ease with which they can be rigged.

Mr Pulitzer's testimony at the Georgia Subcommittee hearing into the election fraud was very compelling.

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July 10, 2021

As a follow on from the smoking hot interview with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Kelvyn Alp & Damien De Ment delve deeper into Damien's research about the triangulation between NZ academia, political actors and the media as they work to stop anyone who doesn't toe the party line.

The hate speech laws in NZ are being influenced by think tanks, "journalists" and policymakers to silence anyone who doesn't support the far-left ideologies.

The war for the future is fought between our ears. We reveal some of the key players in this country.

CounterSpin 13 Fake Enviromentalism

CounterSpin 13 Fake Enviromentalism

July 10, 2021

Kelvyn Alps & Brad Flutey discuss fake environmentalism, 1080 and the green agenda etc

Counterspin Ep. 11 - A NATION BETRAYED PART 2

Counterspin Ep. 11 - A NATION BETRAYED PART 2

July 10, 2021

Lawyer Liz Lambert elaborates on documents signed at Waitangi with footage provided by Lady Crown to demonstrate the serving of these documents at parliament.

A HOWL OF A PROTEST By NZ Farmers - Coming up July 16

A HOWL OF A PROTEST By NZ Farmers - Coming up July 16

July 8, 2021

Grant Edwards speaks with New Zealand farmer's action group (Groundswell NZ) founder Bryce McKenzie. Bryce's family have farmed on their West Canterbury property for three generations and reckons it is time to make a united stand against this government's planned regulations that will stifle farming in NZ and the Significant Natural Areas (SNA) government organised land grab.

Pomahaka Water Care Group

Groundswell NZ is a volunteer group of farmers and rural professionals advocating for our Grass Roots farmers and rural communities

It all started with a tractor protest about the National Policy on Freshwater … but with overwhelming national support have grown to encompass:

  1. seeking a halt to, and rewrite of, unworkable regulations – freshwater, indigenous biodiversity, climate change and Crown Pastoral Land Reform bill (new regulation affecting high country farmers).
  2. a stronger advocacy voice on behalf of farmers and rural communities.
  3. seeking solutions to environmental issues that are tailored to regional/district differences.
  4. supporting the hundreds of grassroots initiatives like Catchment and Landcare groups, QEII covenants, and biodiversity and conservation trusts.
NZ Street Preachers - Grant Edwards and John McGlone, July 7, 2021

NZ Street Preachers - Grant Edwards and John McGlone, July 7, 2021

July 7, 2021

Sharing the gospel in public places

Free Speech in public buildings

Are we free to speak at work?

Must I take the Kung Flu thingie ma Bob?

Treaty Of Waitangi Tribunals, One Of The Greatest Con-Jobs of Modern History

Treaty Of Waitangi Tribunals, One Of The Greatest Con-Jobs of Modern History

July 4, 2021
Denis Hall writes:
Why would the Queen and Empress (Victoria) of the largest and most powerful global empire the planet had ever seen - agree to shared sovereignty and custody with a stone-age cannibalistic culture in New Zealand - when she never even contemplated doing that in places like Canada - Australia - India - Pakistan - Ceylon - Tonga - South Africa - Kenya - Hong Kong - and the USA - who they fought and lost an independence war with - and then sign a co-leadership agreement with a stone-age culture having a genocidal Musket War against itself in the South Seas?
Believe that - and you’ll believe anything.
The whole Waitangi Tribunal cash grab has been one of the greatest con jobs of modern history and they have gotten away with it because we let them.
Liars - lawyers - deceptive academics - with the help of deluded and cowardly politicians - they are the problem. They need to be brought to book - expunged!
Those Maori Chiefs asked for a treaty with the British Crown after FORTY YEARS of Maori on Maori slaughter with firearms against other Maori armed with stones and sticks.
Those men who signed the Treaty were Maori - they were Maori all day long - and they were trying to save their people - they weren't trying to Rort the nation - they just wanted peace and a good life for their people.
They didn't sign a treaty of capitulation with the people who were slaughtering them - they signed it with the people who could protect them - the British Crown!
What is it we do not understand about THAT?
Simple stuff - concealed from us by a decades old alliance between academics, Maori radicals and politicians.
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